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A few days after 2018, they have already begun to publicize trends and developments in labor law. It is probable that they are the movements of the Spanish parliament, those that mark the course of the various processes.

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging systems in the world. Because of its immediacy, scope and simplicity, it was to be expected that this would happen. What perhaps few suspected, is that conversations conducted by that channel, could be presented as evidence in trials.

The VAT applied to electronic commerce will begin to be governed by new rules this year 2018. The Ministers of Economy and Finance of the European Union (Ecofin) approved some measures with which they intend to update and improve the system.

Hay preocupación en la Comisión Europea por el uso de algunos programas digitales. Particularmente, están en la mira aquellas aplicaciones que gestionan tarifas online. Al parecer, están incurriendo en prácticas poco éticas, de cara al mercado.

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience. It is a situation that brings with it a multitude of issues to resolve. One of them is the issue of inheritance. Many people are not familiar with these procedures and therefore do not know what to do.

One of the furore news of the week was the announcement that Spain is preparing to take off the drone sector. To better understand this news, we will see below how this technology will be applied in our country.

The new Law on Public Contracts promises to improve the quality of employment in Spain. Its majority approval in Congress demonstrates the rejection of any regressive amendment that seeks to relax working conditions. Next, we summarize what changes and what remains with the new measures.

When a crime is committed, in addition to the criminal sanction that the court determines, the person or entity that is considered guilty must assume the civil responsibility that obliges it to repair the damages that it has caused.

In the case of individuals or individuals convicted of a crime, everything is very clear. But this is not the case when considering legal persons, corporations, associations or foundations. The fact of legally recognizing that legal persons can commit criminal offenses, puts on the table of the discussion of the jurists the subject of the civil liability subsidiary of a company in the crimes of its workers.

The crimes prescribe. This means that after a certain time the responsibility of the one who committed it expires, it ends.

This period of prescription of the offense begins to count from the day in which the act was committed. In case of continued or habitual crimes, the limitation period shall be computed from the day on which the last infringement was made.

It is issued in Murcia, the first sentence that declares null the clause that requires payment of mortgage loan expenses. Based on a case of the year 2015, feel a point of inflection, because it considers that it is an abusive clause.

The new Autonomous Law came into force on October 26. The new text has come to light as it was sent to the Senate, without any modification.

Regarding the entry into force of the measures it contains, a good number of them apply since its publication. For the application of others, we will have to wait until next year 2018.

The judge who directs the case is to summon people to testify. Generally, the investigations reveal the names of subjects who have had something to do with the cause that motivates the trial, either by their direct participation, by having been witnesses or by their relation with some of the affected ones. These people are summoned to testify about the facts that constitute the motive of the trial.

The transformation of the world caused by technology is a source of satisfaction for many people. Companies and organizations gradually discover the advantages of technological innovations. But as a counterpart, it is also a source of concerns that are affecting the world more and more.

The news comes from the international arena. It is an initiative that comes from an entity that regulates the activity of lawyers in the United Kingdom. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is developing the mechanism to force law firms to publish more data in their services to clients. One of the data that should be made public is that of fee fees. This would be especially important in matters relating to online users and consumers.

The life of a sportsman is full of challenges, from the beginning in a modest village club, children have to work to be protagonists in the sport they practice. As they grow and develop they have to stay in shape and remain competitive. A huge challenge especially in the American sports system, in which athletes who can not afford to pay for college must be authentic cracks to get a scholarship and to be able to study.

Real estate passenger or bubble? Although much of the real estate sector - developers, banks, experts ... - denies that in Spain are committing the errors of the past and that we are witnessing the creation of a new real estate boom, the truth is that some indicators have begun to to make jump the first alarms, especially those that make reference to the evolution of the prices of the houses. The increases are not only generalized, but in some markets they are especially striking.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has presented the tool "Facilitates RGPD". This is an online questionnaire that will help companies know how far they comply with data protection.

Recall that European legislation is quite rigid with data handled by companies. These are the main responsible for the computer security, in case of attacks of third parties and leaks of information.

The Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá, held a meeting with officials of the judicial sector at the highest level, on 7 September. The meeting addressed the analysis of several of the measures being carried out to advance the reform of justice.

The timetable figure is an instrument that contributes to guaranteeing the right to freedom of association and is aimed at those who represent workers in a company. To this end, existing labor legislation establishes ways of freeing trade union representatives from the provision of services in the company so that they can exercise trade union activity with ease.

All citizens have the right to privacy. It should be remembered that even the law enforcement agencies, if they do not have a court order in their hands, can carry out surveillance or recordings of people in public spaces, much less in private spaces. This would be a violation of the right to personal privacy.

The ruling comes from the First Chamber of the Supreme Court, following a cassation appeal filed by a private person against CaixaBank. In that appeal, it was requested the total return of all the amounts paid by this person by the clause soil. These amounts can be considered abusive, since they were associated with the abusive grounds that the financial institution imposed on the individual, when signing the mortgage loan.

The Bar Association of Barcelona has stated that, although the new Civil Registry Law should have entered into force on June 30, all forecasts are aimed at a delay until June 30, 2019.

Delays in regulating some aspects

This delay in the implementation of the Civil Registry Law will lead to the postponement of certain issues, such as the one concerning the suppression of the prevalence of the paternal surname, in determining the order of surnames. This particular point has been announced by some media as novel. However, within two years we will not see the implementation implemented.

Among the objectives of the reform of the law of self-employed, is the empowerment of self-employment, helping entrepreneurs with a decrease in bureaucratic work and more aid and subsidies.

The new Act on Urgent Reforms of Autonomous Labor arises as a result of an initiative of citizens, the result of a process of negotiations between the main parties of the parliamentary arc, and the main associations of self-employed.

The agreement will begin in 2018 and includes a reduction in labor income, a drop in the tax rate and an increase in deductions.

Citizen support

From Citizens, the party that has agreed this agreement with the Minister of Finance, it is pointed out that the mechanisms that will reduce the pressure of the IRPF have yet to be analyzed. If the economic growth of the last two or three years is consolidated, and revenue increases, the reduction of the IRPF, especially for the most underprivileged income, can be important and have continuity for the coming years.

The initial draft of the future Data Protection Act is already advancing some important developments. Above all, regarding the minimum age necessary to be able to consent to the use of personal data, important aspects regarding sanctions and infractions, credit information and some figures that needed a specific definition, such as the delegate of Data Protection.

The falsification of documents is based on altering the elements considered essential in some of them, or to carry out a simulation of any of these documents. It is a crime regulated in the Penal Code, with several conditions that encompass it in several categories.

Leaders of member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) sealed in Astana the entry of India and Pakistan into the international body, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

Philip VI and Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed their desire to further improve the strategic relationship between the two countries for more than a decade and to extend cooperation in different fields from "mutual respect".

His Majesty King Don Felipe arrived in Astana, the capital of the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, to participate in the inauguration ceremony of the 2017 Expo. He is accompanied by the Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis, and has already had a meeting With Chinese President Xi Jinping. The King is expected to meet with other heads of state, including Russian Vladimir Putin and Uzbek Shavkat Mirziyeyev. Tomorrow Saturday will be received by the host, the head of the Kazakh State, Nursultan Nazarbáyev.

In no time the drones have invaded world airspace and seem to have an infinite range of uses. For example, in several countries have already been released drone pizza delivery that bring home the famous Italian dish. However, the use of dron technology is not always peaceful and can raise numerous legal, ethical and safety issues.

New technologies and the Internet have fostered and implemented new consumption patterns in recent years. An alternative consumption that establishes the relationship between the one who offers a product and who needs a specific need, a model where it is allowed to lend, rent, buy or sell products based on specific needs and not so much for economic benefit, Known as collaborative economy.

Recently the population has seen a new wave of cyber attacks have hit a number of relevant companies and institutions worldwide, terms like malware or ransomware (ransom, rescue, and 'ware', software) begin to sound more. These cyber attacks consist of the dissemination of a certain malicious software that restricts access to certain files or parts of the affected system, demanding the payment of a ransom in exchange. That is why we should all have a basic notion of what it is and how to protect ourselves from it.

On March 15, 2007, Law 3/2007 regulating the rectification of the registration relating to the sex of the persons was promulgated, which permits the change of the registration in the Civil Registry relating to sex as well as the change of name, and Consequently, of all the official documentation of the applicant in order to correspond with his true gender identity. Through this process is also contemplated the change of name to be in accordance with the sex that is claimed.

Through Law 4/2013 of June 4, measures to increase the flexibility and promotion of the housing rental market, the Law on Urban Leases (LAU) was reformed. It was a very important change in the rent of houses in general and in the leases of houses of tourist use in particular. This type of lease is excluded from application of the LAU by introducing section e) of article 5. Passing therefore this activity to be regulated by the regional regulations in question of tourism and the regulations of their development.

The arrival in our lives of virtual assistants has turned many of the devices that surround us into habitual suspects of espionage. Not in vain, collect personal information at all times and remain listening constantly waiting for the order to get them started.

Jordi and Sandra, neighbors of Prats de Lluçanes (Osona), are not married and have just been parents of little Aleix. This Monday they have inaugurated the registry of stable or de facto couples of Catalunya. The free procedure allows for example that if one of the two is missing the other is entitled to the widow's pension, even if they have not married. So far only 30 Catalan municipalities had this record, after the closure in recent times of about twenty, including those of Badalona and Barcelona. This circumstance prevented many couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, to be constituted as a fact, since the procedure could only be carried out in the municipality where they were registered. There was, however, the possibility of doing so by paying through a notary. Starting this Monday, any Catalan will be able to access it and thus equip themselves with married people. The registry has been presented by the 'conseller' of Justícia, Carles Mundó, who explained that the objective is "to make easy the negotiations".

On July 25, 2015, the Official State Gazette published the Law 24/2015, of July 24, on patents, setting a period of vacatio legis of almost two years. Thus, this Saturday comes into force the new patent law with two main objectives: the harmonization of national and international legislation with Industrial Property rights and offer users more efficient and quality comparable to other international systems. We leave you the most important legislative news.

To avoid taxing inheritance and gift taxes, the General Tax Department has determined that all persons sharing a tenth lottery must be identified at the time of collection.

Several judgments have interpreted the small print of laws and collective agreements that include situations in which an employee may be absent from his work without losing his remuneration.

Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston emphasizes that European legislation prevents states from excluding days not worked from the calculation of days quoted, thereby reducing the period of unemployment benefit when most "vertical" part-time workers are Women who are disadvantaged by such national measures. In its conclusions presented today, it proposes to the Court that in its future judgment it should be replied to the Social Court no. 33 in Barcelona that the European Directive on the progressive implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women in matters of social security Is opposed to this. In more than 90 per cent of cases, the final decision of the Court follows the line of the Advocate General.

With the ruling made public yesterday by the CJEU, the court delimits the scope of action of the right of digital suppression and again seeks a balance between this right and the rest of legal obligations.

The floor clauses are one of the many abusive clauses that unfortunately we find in our mortgages, but they are not the only ones. There is more! many more!

As a result of the economic consequences of the financial crisis of recent years, the self-employed figure has grown enormously. The so-called TRADE (self-employed economically dependent) is a self-employed professional who, although he is registered as a self-employed, invoices a single client to at least 75% of his income.

The Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, said today that the Administration, that is to say the State and the autonomous communities with transferred judicial powers, will pay 21% of the VAT that must be applied to legal aid after a judgment of the Court European.

Since January 1 of this year 2017, minority shareholders of unlisted commercial companies have the right to have the company buy the shares at a reasonable price if they do not distribute dividends.

Banking entities such as Santander, CaixaBank or Bankia have decided to implement a new model of mortgage deeds to avoid future customer complaints regarding the expenses incurred in the creation of loans for the purchase of housing.

Unlike other countries and as stated in article 10 of Law 14/2006, of May 26, on Techniques of Assisted Human Reproduction, in Spain the wombs of rent (also known as surrogate maternity) are illegal and Penalized.

But, what is a surrogacy or surrogacy maternity?

In the midst of the scandals and crises of the housing clause and mortgage loans for the purchase of housing, the Government has decided to create a new mortgage law that regulates all fronts of financial institutions, mainly in the area of transparency in mortgage and In the pre-contractual information provided to the customer. According to Economy Minister Luis de Guindos, the purpose of this law is to provide greater legal security to the mortgage system and protect the citizen.

Individuals residing in Spanish territory who own movable or immovable property situated, deposited or managed abroad shall be obliged to submit, between January 1 and March 31 of the year following that to which the information to be supplied refers, The informative declaration of model 720 of the Tax Agency (articles 42 bis, 42 ter and 54 bis of the General Regulation of tax management and inspection procedures and procedures).

When your company enters a bank note or a note, sometimes you have to pay an amount for "timbres". For what is this? Can you avoid such cost?

Since the 2008 real estate crisis, 400,000 to 600,000 evictions have been estimated. Now, we should not confuse the eviction by default of income or amounts assimilable to it with eviction by precarious.

After a hard day of work, Manolo arrives home; Check your mail, and find a letter from a company with a complicated name. He explains that, as a result of a contract, his lifelong bank has sold his debt to another company. And they give you a deadline to pay.

It is increasingly common to find products at a good price on websites that ship these products from outside the EU, especially from China. We must bear in mind that, being products from outside the EU, we will have costs associated with the importation, which are often not very visible in the websites that offer them.

Sometimes we are unprotected before big companies, which do not give us an answer to a problem that we have been able to have.

Within these problems, is the case of those people who have requested a management from a financial institution, and have not received a satisfactory response to their claims. What should we do in these cases?

The Crowdfunding, or micromecenazgo, in Spanish, is a network of collective financing, usually online, that through monetary or other contributions, they manage to finance a certain project in exchange for rewards, participations or, in some cases, altruistically.

Claiming a debt is legal. However, at the moment in which to demand a debt, the creditor (that is, who is entitled to the collection) calls at all times to the debtor to cause that, because of absolute feeling of weariness, the debtor pays yes or yes, it can be Producing an illegal activity.

We all have a friend, acquaintance or brother-in-law who has gotten an incredible bargain over the Internet. Encouraged by concepts such as "do not have a store open to the public everything is cheaper" or "sell so much that can greatly reduce margins" many people venture to make purchases through the internet that would never do in a street trade , To the extent that they would distrust the quality of the product or service.

Many times we find stores where, when we ask to change an item that we have bought, we are told that there is no possibility of changing it and, at most, offer us a voucher from the same store and for the amount of the first item.

A long-term visa entitles you to reside, reside and work, study or research in Spain. It is necessary for all foreigners wishing to enter Spain for this purpose, except for citizens of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

As a result of errors in translation or use of words from other countries when we refer to our order, we often confuse terms that do not mean the same thing. This case is important in foreign documents.

He completed the U15 International Tournament 2016, organized by the Department of Sports of the Jiangsu province of China with the Foreign Office of Jiangsu Province, the municipal government Jiangyin of Jiangsu province and the Center for International Exchange Deportivo Jiangsu province.

On 22 September 2016 successfully completed Economic Cooperation forum organized by the law firm SF Lawyers Barcelona in China. The main objective of the meeting between the two countries was to promote economic development and investment of the participating countries.

With the revolution and the advancement of new technologies, today there are many people who shop over the Internet. These business conducted over the Internet is known as e-commerce.

They are more than 600,000 affected by the real estate collapse that occurred between 2004 and 2006. Billions of euros were derived from the bankrupt property developers and unfinished projects.

Now the banking heiress concentration since 2009 the real estate sector will face a wave of lawsuits. Old savings with financial risk, the bursting of the housing bubble and the recent success of law firms in shaping mass lawsuits supported by Supreme Court rulings, presented demands that they should be charged like millions responsibilities which they have been faced by ground clauses, preferred, marketing of complex products or IPOs. This wave of lawsuits could affect banks such as Banco Popular, Bankia, BBVA, CaixaBank and Sabadell, among others.

Is understood as "housemaid" every worker who has a special working relationship.

The household employee must be hired by the family head or the head of the family home to do housework, home care or family members, but can also do other functions such as childcare, gardening , drive cars and the like.

There are many users who have been affected by cancellations and delays Spanish carrier Vueling; since the beginning of the month, coinciding with the start of summer vacation for many.

I am new parent, what right do I have as a citizen? What administrative procedures have to do? How many days can take maternity leave / paternity? These are some of the thousands of questions posed by new parents after the birth or adoption of their child days.

In this article we indicate the six mandatory procedures to be performed after having a child (whether biological or adopted):

Victims tend to accept lower than they should, to the alternative of using and reporting for better compensation because of the indeterminate timeline that just affected the injured collective compensation.

The judgments of the Board of Administrative Litigation of TS (Case no. 1381 and 1387/2016, both of 13 June 2016 and the presentation made by Judge Mr. Herrero Pina) confirm the need to perform the procedure for exercise of the right to be forgotten after the publication of the new European data protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016).

Throughout history, the work of lawyers has had a very individualistic and traditional character, in which the skills of each and dedication afforded to each case were the keys to successful lawyer, and consequently the satisfaction of their customer.

The Spanish electoral system will not be fully democratic until they removed the restrictions of the exercise of political rights of emigrants and immigrants.

The essence of the citizens of a democratic state, lies in political participation and voting rights.

 Sometimes when generating a compensation for moral damages that a person has suffered a great challenge to the judge in the case, when a good or service has gone faulty and an injury has occurred.

He successfully completed the VII Exhibition Property & Overseas Immigration (OPIE, The 7th Overseas Property & Immigration Exhibition) with participation of society Andyer · Eurochina bridge S.L., a subsidiary of SFT Legal Services SLP. Andyer · Eurochina bridge S.L. It is an organization dedicated to seeking advisory investment projects with high profitability in Spain for Chinese customers and help in making the investment. It has offices in Beijing and Shanghai with the intention of providing advice on more comprehensive investment through the triangular structure formed by Beijing, Shanghai and Barcelona.

Madrid reach more than 2,500 employees of multinational Tiens. The head of the multinational, Li Jinyuan, decided to give a paid to the best workers of his company Tiens all expenses included as vacation.

According to experts, tax havens are territories characterized by having a certain laws or apply a specific type of tax regime, facing enterprises and / or non-residents much more favorable than his own country. The vast majority of cases of corruption and tax evasion tax is at the expense of record companies and national companies or extract money and deposited in foreign accounts of these types of territories, called Tax Havens.

In this article you will find all the detailed information about the divorce. In our law firm, we work with family law cases in this branch of law.

The reform has been stopped despite the body of Finance approve a draft in 2015.

Last Tuesday, April 5, the program Manolo Garrido "Tarda Ràdio" Radio Sabadell (94.6) fulfilled nothing more and nothing less than 1,500 live programs.

The ONU says 250 people have been deprived of their nationality in Bahrain, and recalled that under international law and the Declaration of Human Rights, this measure is prohibited.

So calling itself the largest investigative journalism ever created, with a hundred journalists and collaborators have managed to uncover in the 39 years that the recognized law firm Mossack Fonseca, has been managing his best specialty, management of capital and assets and as tax evasion in tax havens.

On 29 March 2016 the full Senate approved a motion to the parliamentary groups to study the implementation of the Organic Law against violence against children.

After what happened last December 2nd the United States Department of Justice, was behind a possible suspect in the assault of San Bernardino.

In this section the team of SF Lawyers detail the terms and conditions that are more important and we have to be aware when making our taxation public administration.

Then we leave with a collection of frequently asked questions with which our lawyers are the order of the day, and resolve any additional questions they may have.

Justice Minister Rafael Català, presented Monday at the courthouse in Cuenca, the development plan of the Office of Recovery and Asset Management (ORGA) in the coming months will be a reality in Spain.

Independence is not independence. That is the paradox of the Catalan maze. The president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, has said several times: there will be no unilateral declaration of independence, no current legislation will become violent ... but Catalonia get to be a State outside Spain. ¿Absolute lie, tatting or squaring the circle? It seems to be more the latter, not going over the political theories of seemingly impossible.

The government has put the turbo in the process of transformation of the country. In his first hundred days, he has undertaken three essential reforms applauded by Brussels and Berlin: the law of budgetary stability, financial reform and labor market reform.

The "Agreement for a reformist government and progress" have signed today in Congress general secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, and the president of Citizens, Albert Rivera also suggests measures that also affect the housing market in Spain. measures against over-indebtedness and evictions, measures to strengthen consumer rights and intends to promote a strong social Park Apartments for Rent is collected. Broadly speaking, these are the main lines of action:

This certificate is required by the Law on Child Protection for those who exercise professions in contact with children and can be requested in any administrative organ of the State, as reported by the Ministry of Justice. This measure has been taken to alleviate the long lines that are being produced these days.

The Supreme Court considers abusive clauses in mortgage contracts 32 BBVA and Banco Popular, after a collective action brought by the OCU. The judgment requires modular, depending on the duration and amount of a mortgage early repayment clauses that empower the bank to request early repayment of the entire loan for non-payment of a portion of any fee. "It allows consumers to avoid its application by diligent conduct repair and possible resolution of the loan by the failure of a single term, even partial," he says.

2013 Spain became the eighth country that exports more food after closing the year with a record $ 36,367 million euros

Domestic consumption falls sharply against rising prices and the rise of private labels. Australia, China and Brazil have become the new and unexpected VIP sector clients

Organic Law 1/2015, of 30 March, has introduced a new amendment to the Criminal Code that enables legal entities (associations, foundations and corporations) respond criminally liable for the acts or omissions of its executives or its employees, disappearing thus, the applicability of the principle of Roman law societas delinquere non potest, on which nourished the societies could not be subject to criminal reproach.

The new Law on Support for Entrepreneurship and Internationalization recently approved devotes an entire chapter, the Second, Entrepreneur Limited Liability to protect the residence thereof any debts that may be incurred in the exercise of their business.

Today comes into force, for the most part, the new Law on Support for Entrepreneurship and Internationalization, which was published yesterday in the Official Gazette.

Congress has passed the bill with 28 new amendments entrepreneurs, 18 of them agreed between the parliamentary groups.

On day 6 October 2015, the Law 42/2015, partially amending the Civil Procedure Act, which took advantage was published, inter alia, to amend Article 1964 of the Spanish Civil Code concerning prescription personal actions.

Is scheduled next month of December this year 2015 the first list of defaulters published with Public Finance, which, according to the wording of the new Article 95a of the General Tax Law, called the list of non-compliance relevant tax obligations.

First Chinese who came to Spain, thirty or forty years ago, opened Asian restaurants. Then, cities were filled with Chinese bazaars. With the outbreak of the crisis, they bought many bars and restaurants. And textile garment, born chains of low cost Asian fashion, as Mulaya or Okeysi, who do not stop to open stores.

Spain is gaining popularity among Chinese investors seeking destination for real estate investments. It is the most attractive country in the Mediterranean basin, ahead of Italy. That is clear from a report by the Chinese portal Juwai, collected by his Spanish counterpart Idealista.com.

The day August 24, 2015 came into force in Catalonia Law 19/2015, regulating two new forms of ownership: temporary ownership and shared ownership ...

Main changes for visas Investors:

Financial EMS Capital Management with representation in Spain and based in Hong Kong, has referred to the Bankruptcy Administration and the Commercial Court 1 of Corunna, a letter of intent to purchase 100% of the shares of Martinsa Fadesa, a company in liquidation.

In the bylaws of commercial companies not only certain mandatory questions should appear as filed where the domicile of the company, but also, in addition, can be set any mention that the partners deem appropriate.

Of Organic Law 5/2010 amending the Criminal Code was first introduced in our constitutional legal system criminal liability of legal persons by adding Article 31.bis.

Justice Minister held a meeting with associations of victims of road accidents to those who stressed that the reform recently approved by the Government to change the system of assessment of damages caused in such accidents, increases the protection of victims and ensure adequate compensation and adapted to reality.

Let's talk about cybercrime or in other words, the crime committed through computers via Internet. The illicit use of equipment to promote illegal activities such as child pornography, theft of personal information or violation of the laws of association, all these actions can be classified as Cybercrime. Most of these bad behaviors are developed through Internet and its study has become very important in recent decades because Internet use has spread to all sectors of society including business, entertainment, medical services, sport or media industry among others.

The Committee on Health and Social Services of the House of Representatives is expected to approve on Wednesday the bill for the protection of children and adolescents, prior to endorsement step by the plenary of the House before being sent to the Senate given their organic status. The Government's aim is that the law goes into effect in July.

Increased Internet activity triggered doubts and legal problems that users face in their daily lives, from identity theft to claims for purchases.

The Council of Ministers approved the project for Milking System Law Inspectorate of Labour and Social Security, once the draft bill approved by the Government last March 13, has received a favorable report of the Economic and Social Council.

It has launched an application for mobile devices through consultations of persons with hearing or speech disabilities, who may communicate via text messages in real time shall address the Ministry of Justice.

This law will come into force on July 1, 2015, except the first final provision, which comes into force on the day following its publication in the BOE day, according to sources of the Congress of Deputies.

The Council of Ministers approved on Friday a draft Criminal Procedure Act (LEC), which waives some of the initial proposals more controversial as the possibility that the Interior Ministry intervened communications without judicial authorization. The standard predictably keeps setting deadlines for instruction despite the recommendation of the State Council and includes replacing the current "accused" by "investigated".

We inform you that the Government of Andorra has recently approved a rule that imposes limits on the withdrawal of cash from the Banco Privado de Andorra entity by customers. At this time, the limit is set at 2,500 euros per week and per account. In addition, these accounts VISAS not work.

They are exactly 3,538 HNWIs, with at least 30 million dollars in 2014 Spain had as a residence. Ultra rich or as they say whites, ultra high net worth individuals (UNHWIs), who chose our country to live. Just a thousand set up residence in Madrid or Barcelona. The rest were spread throughout the Spanish geography.

According to Article 167 of the Commercial Code, which establishes the possibility of transforming society, before its dissolution, in any commercial company governed by that statute, it is not possible that processing takes place in a corporation or foundation, said the Superintendency of Companies (Supersociedades).

2,000 DIY stores that Catalan group electrical equipment in the country has meant that in 2014, for the first time, sales in the Asian giant is greater than in Spain.

The beneficiaries of the three new income tax deductions that incorporates tax reform to support the family can apply online from today, January 7, the advance payment.

The Congress of Deputies ratified the Royal Decree-Law, approved by the Cabinet on 19 December, which regulates the activation program for employment.

On January 26, 2015 come into effect new rules for the form you fill foreigners wishing to obtain a Russian visa. All travelers will now have to specify on the application form Russian visa "the planned route of stay", according to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

Since the government defends the new law as "deeply democratic", which has a goal: "the normal development of life in freedom for all."

The unwanted email lists, that can attack any authentic inbox with spam, have their counterpart in the academic and scientific world. While an Australian researcher has made the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology accepted for publication Article Get off me Fucking Your Mailing List (Get me out of your fucking mailing list, in its plain English translation).

The robots exclusion standard, also known as robots.txt protocol is a text file that prevents a web crawler as, for example, Googlebot, find a site determined and reflected in the results of searches directions. This tool is very useful if someone does not want particular information appear in search engines like Google or Bing, in view of everyone, and preferred remaining buried on the internet. There are many sites that use it for different purposes. The page of the Official Gazette (BOE) is one of them.

Companies in receivership, creditors will have more facilities to pay their debts to the Treasury through a recently approved by the Tax Office Instruction that will allow subscribing to these effects of so-called singular agreements under Articles 164.4 of the Tributariay10.3 General law of the General Budget law.

Judicial proceedings for wrongful acts related to information and communications technology (ICT) in 2013 amounted to 11,990, representing an increase of 50.64% compared to the 7,957 open procedures in 2012, according to the Annual Report of the Office. The data can not be interpreted as reflecting a growth of criminal crime, but as an approach to these "increasingly complex" offenses, whose real scope is still "unknown" according to the Attorney accurate.

If finally the controversial Intellectual Property Law in the Senate approved, Google could close its Google News news platform in Spain as it would not be willing to pay a fee to the media which enlazasen their news.

  • Triangulation: a customer buys a product in a store that has acquired pirate stolen card numbers illegally, the store uses a stolen to buy the same product in a legal shop and makes you get the product to the customer card. The user does not know who has been the victim of a scam, and when the hare gets up in the eyes of the legal store, the scammer is the innocent client.

The main news in the housing market in July 2014 was that the volume of residential property sales grew 10.7% compared to July last year, which was the biggest increase since last March. Therefore, for the last five consecutive months sales of properties in Spain they increased, as shown by the official data from the National Statistics Institute (INE).

In August 2014, the average price of resale property in Spain increased by 1%. Prices rise in thirteen autonomous regions and fall into the other three. However, according to data from real estate website Rightmove, compared to last year, prices fell 6.3%. At the same time, the average price of previously owned homes fell by a total of 43.9% from 2007 to the present time.

University of Barcelona (UB) rose 12 positions from last year, and now stands at one hundred and sixty sixth in the list of the top 200 universities in the world.

"Mos Maiorum". This is the name given to the European operation to arrest undocumented migrants residing in any of the countries of the European Union, which began yesterday and will last until October 26.

France was the first country to give a slap on Google for failing to properly implement the right to cancel data, according imposed last May, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). In what is now the first sentence of the right to oblivion against technology in Europe, a French court just force the Internet giant to implement this right on all links of all extensions. And not just to particular.

European data protection authorities emphasize the economic and social benefits that can make this technology, but also identify and warn of the risks they may pose to the privacy of individuals.

Since it came into force the Law on Entrepreneurs in September 2013, the Government has granted 1,880 visas or residence permits to entrepreneurs and foreign investors.

The Catalan Department of Justice will not charge legal fees for citizens and small businesses, according to an agreement that has now reached with representatives of lawyers and legal community.

Barcelona City Council has clung to the law of the Right to Housing who has just entered into force to try to bring order to one of the sectors that cause problems of coexistence: the apartments. A government measure to be adopted at the council meeting Friday states that only those who are in the register of the Generalitat may continue working at the moment, after municipal license. They are specifically 1,347 and are outside the package 1,190 Ciutat Vella, with special consideration.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do you have a household employee entitled to compensation in case of dismissal?

Yes, in case of unfair dismissal, he is entitled as any worker, even if you work for hours. In this case, the compensation should be calculated based on the actual hours worked, wages and seniority.

Real Estate office digital newspaper Elconfidencial.com: Do I have a mortgage with BBVA clause in the soil is the name of a SL. On the property on which rests the mortgage is first and only residence. Is it possible to annul? - Of course it is possible (different is that it suits for the costs involved), possibility including the return of the unduly claimed more related interest and it continued emphatically saying that there is sure to be achieved.

The foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) agreed today to punish 21 Russians and Ukrainians held responsible for the instability in the Ukrainian autonomous republic of Crimea. For its part, the US has also joined the sanctions and said that the referendum result will not be recognized. The Twenty-eight decided, at a meeting in Brussels, restrict visas and freeze assets on Community territory of these people, said on Twitter the Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius, who warned that "further measures will be approved in the coming days ".

The European Court of Human Rights, based in the French city of Strasbourg, suspended the eviction of a building occupied by 16 families in the Catalan city of Salt, which belongs to the "bad bank" created by the Spanish government building to manage toxic assets entities rescued by the State.

The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) and European Automobile Associates (AEA) have coincided in criticizing the new economic sanctions under the reform of the Traffic Act to alcohol and warned of the possibility of occurrence "false positives" in drug tests by not including any graduation project of the substance.

Today comes into force the new Law on Support for Entrepreneurship and Internationalization, which was published yesterday in the Official Gazette.