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Business: helping you take your business to success


If you are interested in opening a new business, sure to assail endless questions.

  1. Do you have an idea?
  2. You do not know if I do it in Spain or abroad?
  3. You do not know the legal environment needs to be done to establish a market?

SF Lawyers, we want to offer our full range of possibilities for your business thrive. To do this, not only we have the right tools, but we are one hundred percent sure that our multidisciplinary experts in all branches of law team will be able to overcome any legal barrier that is when your project succeed. Many entrepreneurs, who have a very good idea and a very good business opportunity that are blocked by the rules that dictate public bodies, about the actions that determine the establishment of these markets.

In general aspects, adjustments for these factors make them among many other laws, the law of antitrust, law of consumer protection, bankruptcy laws, laws on commercial companies, ratings for commercial and industrial premises, bromatological quality standards products or processes food production, etc. In the above is called the barriers legal, we can highlight the most common administrative permits and other necessary to enter certain markets or the acquisition of patents and related intellectual property to prevent irregular practices in terms of competition permits.

In SF Lawyers we are experts in overcoming obstacles, do not hesitate and contact us today, our law firm will be happy to help.