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Tuesday, 04 April 2017 09:56

A registration allows all Catalans to formalize free couples

Jordi and Sandra, neighbors of Prats de Lluçanes (Osona), are not married and have just been parents of little Aleix. This Monday they have inaugurated the registry of stable or de facto couples of Catalunya. The free procedure allows for example that if one of the two is missing the other is entitled to the widow's pension, even if they have not married. So far only 30 Catalan municipalities had this record, after the closure in recent times of about twenty, including those of Badalona and Barcelona. This circumstance prevented many couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, to be constituted as a fact, since the procedure could only be carried out in the municipality where they were registered. There was, however, the possibility of doing so by paying through a notary. Starting this Monday, any Catalan will be able to access it and thus equip themselves with married people. The registry has been presented by the 'conseller' of Justícia, Carles Mundó, who explained that the objective is "to make easy the negotiations".

To collect the widow's pension, the Spanish Social Security Law establishes two conditions for the person who widows. The first, that has been a minimum of five years of coexistence with your partner. The second, that makes at least two years of its registration in a register of stable partners. If not, this pension is denied. The only possibility to be able to collect it was to formally become a stable partner before a notary, with the same requirements of years of coexistence and time elapsed since this procedure was carried out.

The register of stable couples of Catalonia, which was approved at the end of 2015 by the Parliament unanimously, was born with the intention of concentrating all the information of stable couples. In addition to the citizens who come to him directly, the registry also incorporates the data of those who have done it in the municipalities and before a notary. The Regional Ministry of Justice seeks to make fraud difficult and makes it easier to obtain certificates. With a single registration, it will be impossible for a person to register twice with different partners without having discarded the first relationship. Notaries must communicate to the single registry the stable partners they process.

The Civil Code of Catalonia and other rules equates the rights and obligations of stable couples with conventional marriages in relation to inheritance rights, family reunification in the case of foreigners and economic compensation for work reason when a separation occurs .


The new registration is available to all those who define the Catalan civil law. There are three assumptions to prove it and it only needs to be met. These are: that the coexistence lasts more than two years in a row, that the couple have a child in common or that the two persons have formalized their relationship before a notary.

Couples without children and with a coexistence of less than two years can also be registered, but rather have to be established as a stable partner before a notary. However, when the coexistence exceeds that period and when the couple has had a descendant, only a certificate of enumeration or the family book is needed.

The application form can be downloaded from the website of the Conselleria de Justícia. Afterwards, the documentation can be presented at the headquarters of the department in Barcelona or in the

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