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Wednesday, 06 July 2016 09:06

The slowness of justice leads to accept lower compensation

Victims tend to accept lower than they should, to the alternative of using and reporting for better compensation because of the indeterminate timeline that just affected the injured collective compensation.

In many cases workers feel disoriented to the protection of the law, along with lawyers hired by the same insurance or collectively, to position itself apparently from the employee and to finish accepting that partial compensation, together causes the delay of the processes judicial acceptance to have something safe (though incomplete) what would be the accident by the worker.

So he warned the state attorney general of Spain, Consuelo Madrigal. Adding a note on the cessation of public services in private companies favor corruption because conveniences agreements between companies and generate economic facilities to take party in such actions.

Workplace accidents, for example, is one of the causes that said Consuelo Madrigal, as to the slow resolution of workplace accidents at the hearing in Congress before the Justice Committee in the Congress of Deputies.

In his speech, he explained - I worry particularly the slow progress causes. The always undesirable delays of justice have here particularly perverse effects for conducive conformities based on degradation of responsibility, to the detriment of the interests and rights of the victims that they in line to accept lower compensation to the alternative of waiting indefinitely greater. -

In order to combat this slow judicial process, will join together with Anselmo Sánchez Tembleque, prosecutor workplace accidents room to specialize judicial bodies to the General Council of the Judiciary.

In addition, Consuelo Madrigal added that - Despite the complexity of investigations in a difficult concurring administrative regulations, tax specialists make it clear that economic progress must be reconciled with the safety of workers who contribute decisively to him; whoever evades security investment will not shirk criminal and economic consequences of the accident .-

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