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Lawyers criminal law

This Firm assumes full defense of yours interests in the field of criminal law. The advocates in criminal proceedings (forensic criminal defense) from the moment of a possible complaint to the offense.

Moreover, we note that this aspect of law is constantly evolving due to new crimes themselves foster societal trends : crimes against the environment, against privacy and reputation with the rise of social networks and the Internet, bad practice of some commercial and leaders must adapt their advice to our customers to these new fields. The extraordinary impact of the Criminal Code amendment regarding the liability of legal persons drives our office not only to advice but also possible crime prevention same rules of conduct to prevent future problems.

  • Corporate crimes: Accounting fraud, Abuse of majority, majorities fictitious deny the member the right to information and / or other economic.
  • Capital laundering: Cooperate or receiving help or capital laundering, use even nonprofit the product from receipt or capital laundering.
  • Crimes against Liberty: Unlawful detentions and kidnappings, threats, coercion, moral integrity.
  • Crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity: Assault, abuse, child abuse, sexual harassment, indecent and provocative, prostitution.
  • Road Safety Crimes: Breathalyzer. Omission of aid.
  • Offences against privacy, right to self-image and the inviolability of the home: Revealing secrets, burglary.
  • Crimes against honor: Calumnies and injuries.
  • Crimes against family relationships: Illegal marriages, abnormal state or condition of the minor, breach of the duty of custody, child abduction, family abandonment.
  • Crimes against property and against the Social and Economic Order: Theft, robbery, extortion, usurpation, fraud, embezzlement, punishable insolvency, change of prices in public tenders and auctions.
  • Damage: Damage to data or equipment, damage to equipment or official buildings, damages for negligence.
  • Intellectual Property Crime and industrial and consumer market: Plagiarism, reproductions of literary, artistic or similar. Use, manufacture, import or introduce into commerce industrial objects or commercial purposes without the permission of the patent owner. Use of protected names.
  • Crimes against the market and consumers: Disclosure company secrets, refusing to supply the commodities market or unlawful intent necessities, falsified financial information on securities issue, an offense against the freedom of prices, market manipulation values, intervene and provide intelligible unauthorized access to services interactive computer remotely.
  • Corruption between individuals: Accept benefits or advantages of a third party in exchange for favor it in the purchase or sale of goods or the contracting of professional services, sporting events handling.
  • Crimes against against the Public Administration and the Judicial administration: Crimes of prevarication, bribery and corruption.
  • Crimes against employee Rights: Violation of employee rights by deception or abuse which may affect, restrict or suppress the rights recognized for them by the applicable legal provisions. Discrimination of employee by reason of their ideology, religion or origin. Impede the right to strike. Violation of the standards of occupational safety.
  • Crimes against foreign citizens: Illegal immigration of people in transit or traveling to Spain or European Union.
  • Constraints: Against the person or against the rights of it.
  • Crimes on Spatial Planning, Urbanism, Historic and natural resources and the environment: Urbanizing unauthorized building or buildings in unauthorized land, report favorably planning instruments or other projects, damage to historical or cultural heritage.
  • Crimes relating to the protection of flora, fauna and pets: Introduction of species of flora or fauna damaging to the biological balance, endangered species hunting or fishing, arts or media use explosives or prohibited in hunting or fishing, abusing pets.
  • Crimes against collective security: Catastrophic risk Crimes, offenses relating to nuclear energy and ionizing radiation arson.
  • Crimes against public health: Commercialize substances without required permits, damaged or expired medications, drugs or banned substances impaired product marketing.
  • Crimes against road safety: Driving without a license, driving recklessly or above the permitted speed, into drinking alcohol or illegal substances.
  • Falsehoods: Falsification currency and stamped paper, public documents and certificates, documents telematics, private documents, counterfeit credit and debit cards and travelers checks.
  • Crimes against the Public Administration: Prevarication by public officials, omission of duty to prosecute crimes, disobedience and refusal to help, infidelity custody of documents and violation of secrets, bribery, influence peddling, embezzlement, corruption in international business transactions.
  • Crimes against the Constitution: Rebellion against the Crown crimes, crimes against state institutions, usurpation of powers, offenses committed in the exercise of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, crimes against freedom of conscience, religious feelings and respect the deceased.
  • Crimes against public order, national defense and the International Community: Sedition, attacks against authority, its agents and servants, public disorder, possession, trafficking and weapons depot, crimes of terrorism, betrayal, secrets against National Defense, Military Service delivery, offenses against the law of nations under the Treaties international, genocide, people and property protected in the event of armed conflict.

If you have any questions about what determines the criminal law, we have in our law firm to the best specialists in this field.