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Friday, 23 January 2015 09:11

Congress validate Royal Decree for Employment

The Congress of Deputies ratified the Royal Decree-Law, approved by the Cabinet on 19 December, which regulates the activation program for employment.

The Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez remarked that this program, embodied in the agreement signed on December 15 in Moncloa, is the result of joint work with the Autonomous Communities and dialogue with the social partners, with the clear objective of "activate people who carry a time when unemployment and also have family responsibilities".

To Báñez the objective that justifies the program is "to encourage the return to employment, to correct situations that have been difficult and prevent them become chronic, encourage opportunities to reach everyone, no one is left behind and that the economic recovery will translate in employment and welfare. "

The program, which may be requested until April 15, 2016, will benefit the long-term unemployed with family responsibilities who have exhausted all unemployment protection tools and "are precisely for these reasons, who remarked the ministration face greater difficulties have special needs placement and unemployment protection. "

Báñez Fatima stressed in his speech that this program aims to "promote labor recovery of this group of unemployed by designing custom integration pathways tailored to their professional profiles to help them in their process of return to employment".

One of the main innovations is that beneficiaries will have a personal tutor who will assign service Employment and guide the unemployed throughout the process, a reference person that like it has in other European countries (Denmark, Netherlands Netherlands, Ireland, Austria) allow providing personalized service to the unemployed.

"We believe this figure is important when making the initial interview applicants, the monitoring of their participation in the relevant itinerary and to identify possible adjustments as necessary to promote the success of the program," said the minister.

Báñez recalled that the Public State Employment Service and the Autonomous Communities are working on defining the services that should receive the program beneficiaries, guidance, training and employment opportunities will be made available for return to employment.

The beneficiaries participating in activation measures are entitled to receive support aid for six months, equivalent to 80% of IPREM (Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income), 426 euros per month.

Báñez estimated that the potential beneficiaries of this program would exceed the 400,000 people according to data from the records of the Public Employment Services and taking into account people who are currently in this situation. Of these, more than 270,000 will benefit from the program since its launch and nearly 135,000 will be added throughout its entire duration.

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