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Lawyers family law

Family Law we call the set of norms governing the creation, organization and dissolution of the family as a group, in both its personal and patrimonial in order. The characters of Family Law are:

  • Are public.
  • The failures to resolve conflicts of the family in most cases you do not reach the res judicata are mostly formal sentences, these sentences are not material, but relatives are reviewable sentences later.
  • The autonomy is restricted. They can not terminate or modify an interpersonal relationship of the family without court intervention.
  • Its rules are created to govern family community.

In family law we can include:

  • Matrimonial:
    • Writing and formalization of agreements and capitulations.
    • Separation, divorce and annulment: submission and investigation of judgments and exercise of economic regulatory arrangements and custody.
    • Custody of children: parenting Plan.
    • Use and enjoyment of the marital home.
    • Child benefit and spousal.
    • Community property settlement.
  • Partnerships: Drafting and negotiation of agreements in the dissolution of partner relations, with particular relevance to economic interests. Dissolution of partnerships.
  • Wills and inheritance: Detailed study of the tax implications. Prior evaluation of assets. Advice on the most appropriate solution for each case.
  • Inability procedures.
  • Spendthrift.
  • Divorces: Filing and prosecution of lawsuits for separation, divorce and dissolution of partnerships.
  • Testament vital: So when the client can not decide for yourself, there is provided their most intimate desires.

The Act has provided express divorce if both parties agree to family dissolution, to be aware of all material aspects of family law, our firm has experienced lawyers in this branch.