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Monday, 11 May 2015 00:00

The Health Commission approve Law on Children

The Committee on Health and Social Services of the House of Representatives is expected to approve on Wednesday the bill for the protection of children and adolescents, prior to endorsement step by the plenary of the House before being sent to the Senate given their organic status. The Government's aim is that the law goes into effect in July.

It was mid-April when the debate amendments CiU and ERC whole, calling for the withdrawal of these legal texts by jurisdictional issues took place; two proposals that the PP rejected. So, next Wednesday, after a long session control to the government and discussion of legislative initiatives, will start mid-afternoon the debate of the 432 amendments proposed by the parliamentary groups the articles of the norm.


In April debate in the House, the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Alfonso Alonso, he defended his willingness to reach the maximum according to opposition groups during the parliamentary process. As noted, this law will change to a dozen standards, with the aim of setting up a system of protection of children and adolescents "according to the current reality."

During the parliamentary process, Alonso said they were going to strengthen measures against pedophiles, according to the Convention of the Council of Europe Lanzarote for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.

the requirement of not having been convicted of abuse or exploitation of children to access occupations involving regular contact with children, in addition to the Law on Protection of Large Families is modified to ensure that they retain the title while at least one of the children is established is less than 21 years or 26 if you are studying.

In the absence of approval, the PP, including their proposed amendments to the articles, has proposed the creation in Spain of the first Central Sex Offender Registry, containing the identity of those convicted of crimes against sexual freedom and integrity, human trafficking , exploitation of children, and information about their genetic DNA profile, and also will be kept confidential.


Among the main innovations of the law, Alonso also stressed that it would streamline processes foster care and adoption to encourage children, especially those under three years stay with a family. In turn, he said he was going to preclude the adoption by those who were deprived of parental authority.

He also said that with this standard open adoption, allowing the child to maintain some kind of contact with their biological family whenever it establishes a judge, and with the approval of both the own adopted as families of origin and adoptive created.

Likewise, he said that would regulate the right of access to origins of adopted so that entities must keep the information about the child for at least 50 years.


In turn, he stressed that the reform would recognize as victims of gender violence to minors and expected to stay with their mothers.

The reform regulates first centers for children with behavior problems. On this subject, including the proposals of the PP Government text highlights a laying allow the autonomous communities cease to protect a child under their protection if, after escaping from the detention facility, takes more than six months missing.

Alonso also explained that the reform renews the framework for protection of children, especially those who are in a more vulnerable situation; as is the case for example of the best foreigners, those who will be recognized rights to education, health care and access to social services under the same conditions as Spanish. Minors with disabilities are guaranteed full accessibility, as well as a specialized and adapted social services.

The PP has proposed to turn an amendment to the Aliens Act to expand from 30 to 90 days the period of recovery and reflection granted to victims of trafficking for exploitation to decide whether or not to cooperate with the justice in the investigation of crimes committed against them.

On the other hand, the PP suggested in this law a reform of the Law for the Improvement of Growth and Jobs 2006 to meliorate for up to two years to hire temporary or indefinitely victims of human trafficking.


By the PSOE, which has submitted 80 amendments to the text, requested investment for the development of this law, according to his spokesman on the matter, Maria Luisa Carcedo, the Government does not contemplate.

In turn it suggests that poverty can not be a reason for the declaration of abandonment of a child, or to remove parental authority to parents, resulting in family separation. "We must solve it in another way, helping families, not the removal of the children," he warned, while asked to include in the law to avoid after a situation of helplessness of a newborn, which report the mother of the possibility of abortion, according to current legislation.

Along with the PP agree amendments to the need for host families enjoy a financial benefit or similar support. The Socialist Party calls for them also legal aid.
By CiU, Carles Campuzano, keeps its "jurisdictional complaint" and asked to remain communities that decide the countries adopt and accredited entities for this, while proposing the removal of co-payment for those families hosting minors and given preference when enrolling the child in a school.

From UPyD presented a battery of amendments among which is the inclusion in the text of the Government of a new additional provision to create an Organic Law Transgendered that "guarantees the services and benefits" of children throughout Spain.

Josep Pérez Moya, of the Plural Left, has focused part of its amendments on the jurisdictional matter, as it believes that invades powers to Catalonia. On the other hand, calls for strengthening the rights of children and families, suggesting that the element of poverty does not cause homelessness or family separation.

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