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Tuesday, 19 July 2016 14:00

Mandatory procedures in Spain for new parents

I am new parent, what right do I have as a citizen? What administrative procedures have to do? How many days can take maternity leave / paternity? These are some of the thousands of questions posed by new parents after the birth or adoption of their child days.

In this article we indicate the six mandatory procedures to be performed after having a child (whether biological or adopted):

1. Civil registration: The first thing is to be done after the birth, adoption or foster care of the baby, is to go to the Civil Registry to register him as a citizen. This procedure is to be performed within 24 hours after birth / adoption and foster care or 8 calendar days. To register the newborn the following is required:

  • DNI parent.
  • In the case of being married or having children the family book is now essential.
  • Medical report of birth provided by the hospital.

2. Low by maternity/paternity: To be entitled to maternity or paternity, the mother or father worker must apply for a certificate of company and deliver it to the Social Security Office. There you can apply for benefit maternity / paternity leave. Compulsory maternity leave is 16 weeks while paternity is 15 days.

3. Social Security: Once you have made the civil registration and cancellation request; parents will have to go to a Support and Information Centre of Social Security (CAISS) to register the newborn as a beneficiary of the primer parent to be entitled to healthcare. This is where parents can apply for maternity benefit, paternity or both. To carry out this procedure is appropriate to request an appointment at the Electronic Office of Social Security, or we can save the tour and do it comfortably from home through the portal Your Social Security. To carry out this procedure is necessary the following documents:

  • DNI.
  • Company certificate.
  • Family book with the child enrolled.

4. Clinic: Once you have registered the newborn at the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), head to the health center that corresponds to the family to process the health card and assign a pediatrician. To this we must provide the following documents:

  • Documents received at the Center of Support and Information Social Security (CAISS).
  • Certificate of registration of the baby.
  • DNI (photocopy and original).
  • Health card parent who have been associated with the baby.

5. Census: This procedure often is done in office and the Registry itself that communicates to the City by signing the baby at home where both parents or one of their parents appear taxed, giving preference in the latter case the address in the that figure registered the mother. However, parents may enroll the child in the City providing the following documents:

  • Certificate of Registry.
  • Family book.
  • DNI of the person to be enrolled (original and photocopy):

6. Provision of € 100: There is a mandatory procedure but very beneficial. This is a deduction of € 100 monthly per child granted by the Tax Agency working mothers with children under 3 years. The only requirement for access to this benefit is that the mother is working and is discharged in Social Security.

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