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Monday, 26 January 2015 10:27

How to apply today's new tax relief families?

The beneficiaries of the three new income tax deductions that incorporates tax reform to support the family can apply online from today, January 7, the advance payment.

These deductions are then included in the annual income tax return of 2015 which will be presented in 2016, where the amounts received as advance payment would be regularized.

The Tax Agency has sent letters to potential beneficiaries, with the requirements and procedures for monthly negative perception of these taxes.
The request can be made collectively or individually by presenting a new model, the 143, for each of the deductions, combined with each other, to which the beneficiaries are entitled: 100 euros per month for large family and for each descendent and ascending with disabilities or 200 euros in the case of large families of special category.

According to Treasury, deductions, which can reach 1,200 euros a year for each descendant or ascendant with disabilities and large family, and 2,400 euros in the case of large families of special category shall be calculated in proportion to the number of months requirements are met.

These requirements go through an activity for which he is quoted to Social Security or alternative mutuality and be entitled to the application of the minimum in descending or ascending with disabilities, or be ascendant or orphaned brother of father and mother as part of a large family.

The limit for each deduction will be the price and total contributions to Social Security or mutuals due each tax period. If deductibility is deemed to have several parents or children with disabilities, the limit is applied independently with respect to each of them.

The application form may be submitted online from today on the website of the Tax Agency by 'Cl @ ve', 'PIN 24 hours' electronic ID or digital certificate. At the end of the letter sent to beneficiaries collected Insurance Verification Code (CSV) required for new high in Cl @ ve of beneficiaries who are not registered with the PIN 24 hours. The application also may enter on the phone 901 200 345.


Since February 3, the application may also be filed at any office of the Tax Agency, upon completion on the website of the Agency, printing and signing of all applicants. If there are several beneficiaries of the same deduction, the advance payment will be requested collectively or individually, choice can be modified for various deductions in January of each year.

In the case of collective application, they must sign it all applicants who may be entitled to the deduction. Who is listed as the first applicant must meet the requirements for payment of the deduction at the time the application is made and who will receive the monthly bank transfer. If the beneficiaries opt instead for individual application, the amount of the deduction will be divided among the various applicants equally.

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