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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 10:47

Main changes for visas Investors

Main changes for visas Investors:

  • Such as your spouse or domestic partner, minor children and elderly You can apply for both the investor, the investor financially dependent as well as dependent ascendant.
  • Possibility to apply for a visa for one year, before making a significant capital investment
  • In cases of capital investment, period of one year to apply for a visa.
  • In cases of capital investment, to five years, possibility to apply for a visa for a period of five years, without intermediate renovation, provided the investment is held.
  • Possibility of requesting the investor visa if a deposit (notary) are made and stating that the remaining money needed for investment is deposited. In this case, the visa is six months. Then, when the sale is credited, you will be one year.
  • The residence visa for investors authorized to reside and work in Spain during its term.
  • The initial period of residence for investors will be two years and then for periods of five years, provided the investment is held.

BOE (Official State Gazette)