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Monday, 09 May 2016 15:05

Welcome to Spain Tiens!

Madrid reach more than 2,500 employees of multinational Tiens. The head of the multinational, Li Jinyuan, decided to give a paid to the best workers of his company Tiens all expenses included as vacation.

Up to two million Euros could spend workers Tiens stores and Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders on trade Given that the trip Tiens is incentive because it is borne by the company, it is estimated that each spend between 300 € and 500 € in purchases.

According to the CEO of Global Blue Luis Llorca, this economic estimate is very good for Madrid as it would direct wealth for the city and be shopping destination. Shopping tourism or "shopping" is the main motivation of Asian tourists.

Currently, tourism shopping or shopping in Madrid is very weak compared to other European cities. This fact shows the survey conducted by Tour Spain in which ignorance of Asian tourists about potential purchases in Spain revealed. The solution to this problem is sold in sending countries and sustained communicate what we have to offer. "They do not come because they do not know what is," insists Luis Llorca.

There are many public and private factors that would help much to consolidate Madrid as a shopping destination as: the issuance of visas and existing air links.

Digital Newspaper El Confidencial