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Lawyers international law

The Private International Law is the one that governs the legal relations between individuals and companies when it is in the international arena, which may be the nationality of the parties or the legal relations take place in a state that is not his own. In changing the Public International Law regulates the relations between a State or several and between these and the individuals or companies.

  • International Business: It is important to know the law applicable to contracts both as to the very bottom of the business you want to perform in a country other than one's own. Ignorance or a incomplete advice can represent the failure of a successful business.
  • Arrest or legal problems in a foreign country: Our partners in different countries can give you and your family or employees a professional advice and personal attention in any police or judicial problem.
  • International humanitarian law: Attention to the citizens affected by situations of armed conflict. A distinction is made between armed conflict national or international. The latter has great complexity due to the fact that it must comply with many standards including those contained in the Geneva Conventions.
  • International Family Law: Divorce, guardianship of minors and/or incapacitation of older are very sensitive issues that require a precise knowledge of the laws of the country or countries that converge in the relationship that we want to change.

Our law firm based in Barcelona and in Beijing or Shanghai, you will find the best lawyers in international affairs to advise of any consultation business creation.