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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 13:11

Autonomus and false autonomus

As a result of the economic consequences of the financial crisis of recent years, the self-employed figure has grown enormously. The so-called TRADE (self-employed economically dependent) is a self-employed professional who, although he is registered as a self-employed, invoices a single client to at least 75% of his income.

The situation of the "false self-employed" is that of those who, even if they render services apparently as autonomous for a company, the de facto reality is that they are workers who receive from this the 100% of their income, fulfilling a schedule just like any worker With employment contract.

It should be noted in this respect that what matters is not always the contracts made, what is relevant are the facts about the relationship between the parties. Therefore, those workers who are in this situation, should know that this situation involves the obligations of being autonomous in addition to its disadvantages in addition to being defrauding the Treasury and Social Security not being taxed or quoted as it should.

In short, we must be clear about these concepts to avoid that, for example when having a job interview and offer us a business contract, we can warn the company that these issues are concerned.

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