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Tuesday, 26 January 2016 13:03

Criminal certificate for work with children

This certificate is required by the Law on Child Protection for those who exercise professions in contact with children and can be requested in any administrative organ of the State, as reported by the Ministry of Justice. This measure has been taken to alleviate the long lines that are being produced these days.

Until the entry into operation of the Central Sex Offender Registry, on 1 March, no history is evidenced by the certificate of convicted persons, which can be obtained through various channels.

In the case of workers, they can do so through the website of the Ministry of Justice, by mail, or in person in the records of the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Justice, in delegations and sub-delegations of the Government and the records of any administrative body belonging to the General State Administration, to any Administration of the Autonomous Communities and any Local Administration.

Entities in which they will work with minors may request the certificate of its employees jointly express prior consent.

Meanwhile, governments can apply criminal record, with prior authorization of the worker, directly through the Intermediary Data Platform that manages the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration. Thus, movements are avoided and speeding up processing, according to information provided by the department presiding Rafael Catala.

Citizens who opt for the online application, should be aware that the computer operating system must be updated (it is necessary to have latest versions of Windows, last or penultimate versions of Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers); They must have a valid user digital certificate (electronic DNI, FNMT) and the payment of the fee must be completed on banks that are attached to the payment gateway of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.

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