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Thursday, 12 January 2017 12:35

The store does not accept returns or changes: is it legal?

Many times we find stores where, when we ask to change an item that we have bought, we are told that there is no possibility of changing it and, at most, offer us a voucher from the same store and for the amount of the first item.

At that moment, the question always arises: is it legal for me not to admit change? Is it legal for a store not to give me back the money for my purchase? Yes, it's completely legal.

For a long time we have become accustomed to the stores allowing us to change a product if we did not like it for a certain period of time; However, that is a faculty that chooses each trade, and therefore offers only if it wants its customers. It's a form of advertising: "If you do not like it, we'll give you your money back." But businesses that do not adopt this policy, are not required to return the money.

This general rule (ie that businesses are not required to return money from a purchase if we do not like what we have bought) you have two important exceptions:

• If the product that we have purchased is defective or does not comply with the characteristics with which it is advertised.

• If we have made the purchase from a distance (internet or telephone purchases), since in these cases there is a 14 day return period (known as the right of withdrawal).

In any case, and in order to exercise this exceptional right, it will be necessary to have the ticket (ticket) of purchase.

So you know, before you buy read the conditions of the store, your advertising, look at the product and, if they do not allow you to exercise your rights, request the Claims Sheet.

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