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Thursday, 07 April 2016 17:42

FBI access your iPhone but Apple does not want

After what happened last December 2nd the United States Department of Justice, was behind a possible suspect in the assault of San Bernardino.

The terrorist who killed 2 December last fourteen people in San Bernardino had a phone brand Apple. Under this situation the criminal investigation department (FBI) asked the help of the company on the block to access the terminal and analyze the data with those who sought to uncover the involvement of the suspect in this assault.

In order to reconstruct the case before and after the events, they needed access data from iPhone 5 that belonged to the suspect. The company alarmed by its security policy and privacy of their terminals, refused saying these words - even under terminal Unlock lawsuit, would trigger the possibility of unblocking any other terminal violating the privacy of users of Apple -.

Apple also said that if he tried to enter the system of a mobile terminal only thing that could cause is that the information on this phone is definitely erased.

Despite legal problems and violation of civil rights of the digital age, on March 22 the research department of the United States officially announced that thanks to a "third person" totally unrelated to the case, had managed to enter Syed Farook terminal.

The news went around the world that the apple company has more than 850 million users, which the news made it clear the real security of its terminals in extreme privacy case.

The company denied the report, saying it would only be possible if someone had dedicated to creating a specific program to hack into your system and it was impossible for that to happen, he added further that such action unacceptable.

The brief letter registered by the court of Judge Sheri Pym of Riverside, California, states:“The government has managed to access the data stored on the iPhone Farook and therefore no longer needs the assistance of Apple inc. Ordered by the court (..) Accordingly, the Government requests that this written rescission of the order”.

Nothing is known about the person who helped the FBI to obtain such information and despite violating the rights of civilians mugger this action helped solve the case.

Digital Newspaper El Periodico