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Monday, 18 May 2015 12:16

How to prevent Cybercrime

Let's talk about cybercrime or in other words, the crime committed through computers via Internet. The illicit use of equipment to promote illegal activities such as child pornography, theft of personal information or violation of the laws of association, all these actions can be classified as Cybercrime. Most of these bad behaviors are developed through Internet and its study has become very important in recent decades because Internet use has spread to all sectors of society including business, entertainment, medical services, sport or media industry among others.

The ultimate goal of cybercriminals usually access the information and data that are owned by individuals, companies or governments. These attacks never exist physically, if not always carried out virtually. One of the main aspects of these crimes is that they can be implemented relatively easily remotely and in seconds making it very difficult to trace evidence put an end to the identification and punishment of offenders because sometimes might require global cooperation. In addition, technological advances can easily hide their own physically or virtually through Internet identity, making it very difficult to locate.


  • Hacking: It is a form of crime for which there is access to personal or confidential information stored in the database systems belonging to any person or organization from a remote location. The actual owner may not be aware that your confidential information is still accessible to someone else. To do this, criminals use special software.
  • Copyright violation: Usually occurs when someone publishes articles, movies, music or general content owned by others without your express consent. Some other forms of illegal activity comes under copyright infringement are downloading pirated music, movies, games and software.
  • Cyber ​​Stalking: A form of online harassment in the dam or the target is tortured by a series of online messages or emails.
  • Phishing: One of the main forms of cybercrime and the people most affected by this cybercrime are those who use the Internet as a means for their cash transactions and other banking related services. The criminal attempts to acquire sensitive information such as user names, passwords and credit card details and / or bank accounts to withdraw cash or buy products online illegally.
  • Malicious Software: Also known as malware, which is basically a computer program that, once executed, can give partial or total control of your computer to criminals and so they can easily access any sensitive information or damage / steal data.
  • Child abuse: This is also one of the main forms of cybercrime by adult users who harass minors via chat or emails to image erotic and / or pornographic.


To address cybercrime is necessary to highlight some tips that should always be followed.

  • Strong Password: Always use different passwords for different accounts of their property and never make the mistake of physically write on a piece of paper or anywhere. You should always change your password regularly and make sure your device is fully protected.
  • The use of social networks with caution: Be sensible to post anything on social networks. Once content is on the internet, it stays there forever.
  • Protect your personally identifiable information: Be careful when disclosing personal information such as name, address, phone number or financial information online. Always use a secure website for online transactions.
  • Avoid being scammed: Think several times before clicking on any link that asks for any personal information. Check the source, the sender and, in any case, never respond directly.

If you've been scammed, you are a victim of phishing or any other computer crime, report it to local police and contact a professional computer security.

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