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Thursday, 08 February 2018 09:58

News from the European Commission in the next data protection rules

As of next May, the new regulations for data protection promoted by the European Union come into force. It aims to establish very clear rules regarding the handling of user data. In this way, greater protection is achieved in terms of the privacy of people, which has been seriously compromised since the massive use of the Internet.


On April 6, 2016, the European Union promoted one of the most important reforms of recent years. The objective was to reform several aspects to offer the user greater protection over their data. Two years later, on May 25, 2018 will come into force this new regulation.

The reason why there is a gap of two years from the approval of the reform until its implementation, is basically due to the need for all those involved to adapt in time to the new rules. In this way, success in the implementation of the new regulations is guaranteed.


1. International relevance

One of the most important news about the new data protection law is its international reach. This means that the new rules must be applied by all the entities that offer services in Europe, including those that are outside those borders.

2. More protection

Another key point is the protection of people's data. In this way, the company that puts sensitive data of users at risk should notify the authorities within 72 hours. Similarly, failure to comply with the rules can result in millions in fines that can reach up to 20 million euros or 4% of the company's annual turnover.

3. Clearer rules

Despite what many may think, this new regulation is beneficial not only for users, but also for companies and entities that are governed by it. Faced with clearer rules, companies will have a better legal floor that will guarantee their rights and duties.


The lapse of two years between the approval and execution of the new regulations has allowed large, small and medium enterprises, as well as autonomous and public entities, to adapt and reform their systems. In this sense, you can find various documents published by the Public Commission, which serve as guidance in the execution of this whole process.

In the same way, the Public Commission is also launching other instruments to make this transition easier. To facilitate this, an online tool has been developed, aimed specifically at SMEs.

With time against, it becomes necessary to seek information and advice from professionals in the area. In this way, the different regulations that come into effect next May will be implemented.

This reform is one of the promising ones that have been promoted in recent years and aims to be a before and after in the protection of user data. With the proper implementation it is possible to take an important step in the privacy policies that have governed in recent years, greater legal security for companies and also greater protection for the user.

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