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Wednesday, 21 September 2016 12:23

Rights of the online buyer

With the revolution and the advancement of new technologies, today there are many people who shop over the Internet. These business conducted over the Internet is known as e-commerce.

Buying online has become a daily routine but many consumers do not know what their rights are and what the laws established in the e-commerce are.

What online shoppers are not exempt from the laws and they also have their rights. Consumer rights e-commerce and collecting consumer law are:

  1. Identification seller: The e-commerce companies operating in Spain are obliged to publish data on its name, ID number and contact details.
  2. Payment method: The law provides charging additional fees for using a payment method. The e-commerce sites must offer consumers pay by credit card, by bank transfer or Paypal without incurring charge a fee.
  3. Delivery: Usually the delivery of the product must be specified in the web; but if it does not appear, the law establishes a maximum deadline of one month. If this deadline can not be met, you must notify the buyer. In the event of undue delay, the buyer can claim your money.
  4. Discontinuance: The deadline to cancel the purchase is 14 days and the amount must be returned within 14 days of the withdrawal. If this information is not visible during the purchase, the deadline is extended to 12 months.
  5. Guarantee: Whether a purchase online or in a physical store, the guarantee of a product is made is two years.

Whether you buy in a shop e-commerce Spanish based in Spain as in a shop e-commerce Spanish based in a country within the European Union, consumer rights are the same. All EU countries are required to meet EU standards on consumer protection.

If instead the Spanish e-commerce store not based in Spain or any other country of the European Union, consumer rights change. If a company is domiciled or permanent establishment in Spain, you can direct your complaints to consumer agencies, and if it is a foreign company located in the EU can attend it through the European Consumer Information Center. But if the company is outside the EU and has no permanent establishment in any of the member countries, the claim is impossible.

Depending on what products are purchased online, they are not covered by the right of withdrawal. By buying some of these items (food, clothing, makeup, underwear, CDs, DVDs, video games ...) can not be returned over a period of 14 days after placing the comprarsin be justified.

If you buy services and come (eg concert tickets or a cosmetic treatment) the right of withdrawal is affected and for obvious reasons, there is no right of guarantee.

Before making a purchase online users must take into account considerations such as:

  • Contact view.
  • Secure page. There are several ways to verify that a page is secure for our online purchase:
    • “https” in the URL domain Exemple: https: //www. amazon.es.
    • Key symbol at the bottom of the page.
    • Certificate “Secure Socket Layer.
  • Shipping costs.
  • Taxes.
  • Other expenses.
  • Retain all documentation relating to the purchase made: Company identification, confirmation of the purchase, delivery note ...

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