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Wednesday, 22 October 2014 11:51

Grows fifty percent judicial procedures

Judicial proceedings for wrongful acts related to information and communications technology (ICT) in 2013 amounted to 11,990, representing an increase of 50.64% compared to the 7,957 open procedures in 2012, according to the Annual Report of the Office. The data can not be interpreted as reflecting a growth of criminal crime, but as an approach to these "increasingly complex" offenses, whose real scope is still "unknown" according to the Attorney accurate.

The typology of them has been very diverse; in particular, scams determined the highest number of initiations in the field of computer crime in 2003, with a total of 9,663, compared to 5,992 the previous year. Following proceedings brought by pornography and corruption of minors or disabled, who were 521, in contrast to 2012 totaled 619.

The data is specified by the prosecution, explaining that this decline was not due to a real decrease of the same but increasingly is becoming more sophisticated performance of criminals. According to the report, the file sharing through P2P networks is being replaced by the search and retrieval of files on pedophile networks and private forums restricted access and downloading offensive material is being replaced by streaming.

In 2013, the proceedings for discovery and disclosure of secrets were 343, by threats and coercion (249) for libel against public officialdom (231), by unauthorized access (195) and crimes against moral integrity ( 160).

The proceedings opened against intellectual property were 32; the indictments of the Prosecutor on ICT Ministry in 2013-1262 totaled a 15.57% increase over the previous year. The Report states that the investigation procedures of the prosecution in this field were only 53 due to the nature of the wrongful acts committed through ICT limits the scope of action of the prosecution.

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