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Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:57

Google news can close in Spain

If finally the controversial Intellectual Property Law in the Senate approved, Google could close its Google News news platform in Spain as it would not be willing to pay a fee to the media which enlazasen their news.

The global head of Google News, Richard Gingras, as well as international trade chief Madhav Chinnappa, were gathered in the capital of Spain with customers, partners, journalists and representatives of the Administration to address the thorny issue of Google rate. But the result could not be worse, as published by the newspaper El Mundo. And it is that the Mountain View appreciate the opportunity to finally close this service if the legislation is approved.

After several meetings in our country, Google executives would not have been very pleased with the main problem to be addressed: to link free and freely in its platform any public content.


Not the first time the popular news portal has similar problems. Last 2013 the head of Google, Eric Schmidt and French President Francois Hollande signed an agreement whereby Google enabled a background of digital innovation worth 60 million euros to finance projects of technological transition in the French mainstream press. The agreement was interpreted as a compensation for the technology giant to the newspaper industry, which accused Google of benefit without proper remuneration of linking media content in their browsers.

In Germany meanwhile the search decided to exclude from its news service to the media not to give their explicit consent to be included free consent.

Here in Spain the fact is that Google is not the only contrary to this rate. The CEOE made it clear that the so-called Google rate threatens the freedom of enterprise, the development of internet and dynamite the creation of new business projects.

Digital Newspaper El Confidencial