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Monday, 22 September 2014 07:13

The growth of sales of real estate in Spain

The main news in the housing market in July 2014 was that the volume of residential property sales grew 10.7% compared to July last year, which was the biggest increase since last March. Therefore, for the last five consecutive months sales of properties in Spain they increased, as shown by the official data from the National Statistics Institute (INE).

In July 2014 28.583 houses were sold, of which 63% were second-hand, ie 18,082 objects. 36.7%, however, were new houses and apartments, or 10,501 objects. The data collected by the National Statistics Institute, take into account sales operations, which were notariadamente written two or three months before registering the property.

Therefore, compared to the previous month, June 2014, real estate sales rose 6.9%. However, during the last twelve months, sales fell 3.3%.

The increased sales were recorded in these Spanish provinces of Andalusia, with 5,954 properties sold, Valencia, with 4,231, Catalonia, with 4,230; and Madrid, with 3,995 units, respectively.

According to experts, many of these real estate transactions are the result of the return to the Spanish market of small and medium investors who prefer to invest in real estate, to seek a higher return on your money.

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