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Wednesday, 02 March 2016 11:16

The nine points in housing that includes the pact PSOE-C's

The "Agreement for a reformist government and progress" have signed today in Congress general secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, and the president of Citizens, Albert Rivera also suggests measures that also affect the housing market in Spain. measures against over-indebtedness and evictions, measures to strengthen consumer rights and intends to promote a strong social Park Apartments for Rent is collected. Broadly speaking, these are the main lines of action:

1. Recognize the right of persons who have lost their homes as a result of a situation of supervening insolvency proceedings eviction it be provided with housing under a social rent at a price according to their economic circumstances and family , where appropriate, to a personal rescue plan on outstanding debt to keep, which should not exceed 30% of their income.

2. Reforming the Mortgage Act for automatic removal of terms deemed unfair by the Court of Justice of the European Union and the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court by the financial institutions, without requirement of a mortgage holder.

3. The setting up of an urgent Social Rental Program through an agreement with the SAREB and other proprietary financial institutions of empty houses.

4. Support and promote a real system of second chance to improve the legal insolvency of the debtor, with protection against the usual housing evictions by financial institutions, or revision of the legal status of the terms and loans and elimination of abusive clauses soil;

5. The training of judges and magistrates in consumer law.

6. To promote rehabilitation with the implementation of a State Plan Housing Rehabilitation and Sustainable Buildings and Urban Regeneration, which aims to move from 23,000 dwellings / year currently to 200,000 homes rehabilitated / year in 2025, generating 200,000 new jobs in the sector.

7. In the area of ​​public buildings will aim at energy rehabilitation annually 3% of the surface of the buildings of the General Administration of administrative process -Buildings services and, in turn, transfer it to other administrations .

8. The full development of the National Plan Smart Cities (Smart Cities), by creating an advisory council smart cities.

9. Recover the absolute prohibition of land use change in forest areas torched.

Digital newspaper El Confidencial