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Thursday, 07 April 2016 17:10

All about 2015 Income Reform

In this section the team of SF Lawyers detail the terms and conditions that are more important and we have to be aware when making our taxation public administration.

As every year, the tax agency, launches its campaign income statement, and we want to collect the modifications that have more weight or those more ambiguity there at the time to know if any of our possessions can be deducted or excluded from our statement.

For this new campaign of 2015 income (which is the present from April 6 through June 2016), we show below the particularities of the new personal income tax reform.


If you prefer you can always ask our legal services, our firm has the best specialists in fiscal and tax law, they will know to advise you of the best way to make your taxation is not a headache and know at all times, what you can and can not do when declaring your assets. Also we will also open an article with the most frequent questions that our lawyers are fighting every year to clarify the doubts of its customers.

Every year our office received countless inquiries about Draft, Self-assessments and payments, related to the statements of Spanish taxpayers. That's why not go wrong stopped before the taxation consult our experts in this field.

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