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Thursday, 26 January 2017 10:50

My bank ignores me: what do I do?

Sometimes we are unprotected before big companies, which do not give us an answer to a problem that we have been able to have.

Within these problems, is the case of those people who have requested a management from a financial institution, and have not received a satisfactory response to their claims. What should we do in these cases?

We are going to set a series of steps to follow when a consumer goes to a financial institution with a claim, and does not see their demand resolved. To facilitate understanding, we will use the case of María, who went to the bank to ask for the return of a commission that had been charged to her current account - incorrectly according to her opinion.

  • First of all, we must assume that the bank acts in good faith but, like everyone, makes mistakes.Therefore, the first thing that Maria must do is to send an email to the person of the bank with whom she normally speaks, explaining the problem and asking for the solution of the problem. The advantage of email is that it records the request made.
  • If you do not get a satisfactory answer within a couple of days - or if María does not normally use electronic mail - the next step is to register with the financial institution's office and submit a letter addressed to the Director Office, with the corresponding request. From this letter, Maria will take two copies and request to return one with the stamp of the office; In this way, Maria will have a copy of the letter she has delivered, leaving a new record of her request.
  • In the event that after a couple of days María continues to receive no satisfactory answer, we will recommend that you request a Notary to accompany you to the banking office, writing a record of everything that happens; The aim is to demonstrate that Mary has made her best efforts in good faith to solve the matter. At that time, the bank can help resolve the issue or remain unanswered. Again, and thanks to the act issued by the Notary, we will have a record of Maria's good faith.
  • If none of the above three steps has been satisfactory, Maria must claim the bank. In that case, you should first go to the Bank of Spain, and make a claim. The Bank of Spain will help resolve the issue, through a procedure that will open at the request of Mary.
  • Finally, if not even through the action of the Bank of Spain, María has been able to solve her problem, she must go to court. In that case, we will recommend that Mary go to an Attorney, and ask for advice to be able to efficiently and effectively protect her rights as a consumer.

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