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Thursday, 17 March 2016 11:51

Sovereigntists formula: If Catalonia becomes independent

Independence is not independence. That is the paradox of the Catalan maze. The president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, has said several times: there will be no unilateral declaration of independence, no current legislation will become violent ... but Catalonia get to be a State outside Spain. ¿Absolute lie, tatting or squaring the circle? It seems to be more the latter, not going over the political theories of seemingly impossible.

"We do not depart from the current legislation", insist Junts Pel Yes (JxS) when questioned several of its members by El Confidencial. But it seems very difficult that to happen if the roadmap has promised Carles Puigdemont follows. To begin with, the lawmaking Constituent Process, Social Security and the Treasury Catalana are unconstitutional, so they can not get to Parliament, let alone, be approved by this, since it has no legal authority to do so. the "state structures" also truncate, such as creating customs or the very Catalan Constitution, which aims to replace the current statute and the Spanish laws.

Do the separatists magic formula to not violate the laws? Apparently, yes. It is to prepare all the legal provisions in the coming months, including the wording of the Constitution. In this period will have a role on the Commission of the Constituent Process, the central government appealed Friday to the TC. This commission, which did not want to join the PSC or Ciutadans, is study, so it can hardly propose laws or regulations. Still, the Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria stressed that "has no immediate legal effect", hence the challenge. Moreover, that is important, it may help to discuss the paths to be followed for the final break.

In 18 months no law that may involve a violation of the rules are not present. At the end of it, elections "constituent" be convened. The strategy of independence, however, passes do not present in the Catalan Parliament in this transitional period (which is intended to be of 18 months), any law that may involve a violation of existing rules. At the end of it, elections "constituent" be convened. "These elections will be the binding referendum that have not left us to" explain to the Confidential sources JxS.

The plebiscite will be heads or tails, but with the format of "regional elections". The secessionists are hoping to win the elections and that all the sovereignist forces exceed 50% of the vote, which "at that time was to implement the new law. The popular mandate will be clear and we will be fully entitled to proclaim independence. " The work of the Catalan Government will work towards increasing the social base of support for the break in the coming months and to justify its roadmap. That is the only and highest priority of the Executive.

However, this proclamation will not be the first step after the formation of the new Parliament with a majority independence, laws have been prepared in this term and who were waiting in the drawer be approved. On paper, Puigdemont will not break any rule, but will be the new Parliament that "assume the democratic mandate of separating from Spain".

Given the obvious fact that existing laws will remain the same as today, secessionist deny most: that will be the time 'from pears' because the polls have determined that Catalonia not want to follow in Spain. The Puigdemont himself, in an interview Regió 7 this week, acknowledged that "we all say the same: we do not carry on the program's unilateral declaration of independence (DUI). We all say that there must be a democratic screen before taking the step towards an independent state ". That every one who understands what you want.

JxS spokeswoman, Marta Rovira Republican, admitted that DUI is not required, but could pick up the disconnect with Spain in another type of document, such as a law Legal Transiency. Precisely, that is the main rule to be applied after the conclusion of the "constituent elections" or the "referendum", as they call some members of JxS internally, and umbrella after the rest of rupturistas measures will shelter.

A coalition that governs Catalonia, however, will accumulate the problems on the table: Anna Gabriel, a prominent leader of the hard-core CUP, warned Friday to Puigdemont that the resolution adopted last November 9 is very clear and establishes the Spanish laws are not to be respected by the Government, and stressed: "it is a commitment, commitments are to meet them." That resolution, which provided for the start of disengagement with Spain, however, has been annulled by the Constitutional Court. And the Catalan government apparently does not intend to ride roughshod sentence.

The Catalan government has problems, for now, are insurmountable. To begin with, no databases of the population.

The roadmap Puigdemont collides with the claim of its partners CUP, who claim that in 18 months can proclaim to brave the separation of Spain. The ball is now in the court of JxS. Both the 'president' as the vice president, Oriol Junqueras, believe that 18 months is a flexible reference, which can be less or more, which angers the CUP, because he suspects that what you try to do JxS is to govern the maximum time possible without breaking the laws for fear of the response of the Spanish Government.

But it is also true that the Catalan government has problems, for now, are insurmountable. To begin with, no databases of the population for a census of the Social Security or Hacienda natural and legal persons. Without this instrument, it is difficult to formalize the main tools of state to start up alone.

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