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Monday, 01 September 2014 00:00

Barcelona restricts holiday apartments

Barcelona City Council has clung to the law of the Right to Housing who has just entered into force to try to bring order to one of the sectors that cause problems of coexistence: the apartments. A government measure to be adopted at the council meeting Friday states that only those who are in the register of the Generalitat may continue working at the moment, after municipal license. They are specifically 1,347 and are outside the package 1,190 Ciutat Vella, with special consideration.

Los que quieran solicitar permiso para ejercer como apartamento turístico nuevo podrán obtener una licencia provisional si disponen de célula de habitabilidad y lo comunican a la comunidad de vecinos. Todo ello a la espera que la Generalitat desarrolle el decreto que determinará los requisitos y obligaciones de esta actividad, algo que no se producirá hasta finales de año.

Those who want to apply for permission to practice as a tourist apartment again may obtain a provisional license if they have cell livability and communicate it to the residents. All this waiting that the Government develop the decree will determine the requirements and obligations of this activity, something that will not occur until the end of the year.

The measure gives the City government sanctioning capacity for up to 30,000 euros fined owners who have not applied provisionally municipal license to practice as tourist apartments. The sanctioning competence extends to when neighborhood conflicts occur, with fines ranging from 1,800 to 15,000 euros for owners and operators that generate complaints from the neighborhood. One aspect that the City will assert especially as a preventive measure for those who want to make easy business without taking responsibility.

The government measure provides for the creation of an interdepartmental technical committee that will study the evolution of licenses, the behavior of the tourist apartments and inspections. In addition, it will inform the tax office to those apartments that operate illegally, to act in cases of possible fraud, also deterrent for those who want to continue renting their homes without going through any registration measure.

The biggest problem, as recognized by the City Council, is given in Ciutat Vella, where 41% of the flats for tourist use and where, despite the use plan approved in 2005, has not been achieved concentrates bring order to the sector. The lack of a defined regulatory framework has led to control problems and frequent legal doubts and bad practices.

The work that has made the district provides some figures speak for themselves the extent of the problem. They have detected 2,165 flats intended for tourist use. Of these, more than 500 are in a situation of "manifest illegality" and therefore are main objective of the next punitive action. Data also reveal that 310 households have open files nuisance, of which only 180 are in section illegal. About 580 have ceased activity since the time they were detected so far and, of the 1,200 who are still active, only 669 are likely to be legalized. Are those who once requested the use changes as required the use plan still remains in force. These apartments will also request the municipal license, although the City Council and input guarantees streamline procedures. They are the only ones who may practice in Ciutat Vella: City Council makes clear in his government measure will not give new licenses.

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