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Tuesday, 02 September 2014 00:00

Catalunya no court fees charged to citizens

The Catalan Department of Justice will not charge legal fees for citizens and small businesses, according to an agreement that has now reached with representatives of lawyers and legal community.

As reported by Justice in a statement, the agreement, reached after weeks of negotiations, excludes individuals and small businesses of the application of the levy for the provision of personal services and materials approved by the Generalitat, ranging from 60 and 120 euros. In addition it also provides exempt from payment of such fees, recently endorsed by the Constitutional Court (TC), demands enforcement of judgments, retrofits and applications for contests. Also, according to legal operators, the Government will maintain the application of a 25% discount for electronic filing of claims.

This measure has been agreed after months of negotiations between the Department of Justice, the Consell de Col • legis of Procuradors and the Consell l'Advocacia Catalana, which takes time on the warpath against court fees, both approved by the Government and the Ministry of Justice. In this regard, the Department has engaged lawyers and prosecutors to urge the Government to amend the law of civil procedure to include the Catalan rates on the coast, so that the party that loses the dispute the need to afford them. The Catalan rate applies in civil and administrative, not criminal and social or processes that behave the right to free legal assistance. The Department of Justice at the request of legal operators, has also undertaken to ensure a more streamlined the collection of court fees management.

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