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Monday, 30 June 2014 00:00

Fines for alcohol disproportionate

The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) and European Automobile Associates (AEA) have coincided in criticizing the new economic sanctions under the reform of the Traffic Act to alcohol and warned of the possibility of occurrence "false positives" in drug tests by not including any graduation project of the substance.

Thus, told Europa Press, the president of European Automobile Associates (AEA), Mario Arnaldo, has shown a "bittersweet feeling" for reform because, although appreciative of the amendments aimed at greater use of systems child restraint or obligation to wear a helmet for cyclists in city children, on the other hand "toughens sanctions, and also gives a new twist in reducing the guarantees of citizens".

 In this regard, he noted that the new fines for alcohol will "greatly concerned" and has compared the 1,000 euros that will lead to sanction exceeding the limit exceeding 0.25 mg / l to 135 euros in France, 527 euros in Italy and 150 euros in Belgium with which is punishable driving with that rate of alcohol.

It has also warned of the "problem of false positive" controls drug, which can cause "many drugs" by failing to establish the reform no graduation of the substance in the body as in the case of alcohol, that below 0.25 mg / l is not punishable. "We agree that we must fight against drugs, but the way to fight it is always the same: the disciplinary issue, the collector issue," he stated.

He has also questioned whether an exception for people who use substances in a rehabilitation treatment to leave drugs is done, because "if a drug affects the psychophysical conditions gives just as prescribed by a doctor or be with rehabiliatadores purposes, it is dangerous to drive. "

Meanwhile, the director of Road Safety RACE, Tomas Santacecilia, has applauded the drug issue is addressed because "it was the Achilles heel that society had" since "it was complicated pursue drivers with the presence of drugs" although consideta "unfair and disproportionate at the time of crisis that is increasing economic sanctions" by alcohol.

In this sense, Santacecilia, which has opined that the reform "is rather a general level", has opted for other measures, such as those having to do with the license points or educational measures, instead of using "the sanction economically and unique tool" to improve road safety. Also, RACE has described as "incomprehensible" that browsers that warn of radars and radars are prohibited is allowed.

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