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Lawyers tax law and accounting

Among the various areas of Public law, distinguish Tax law. Its function is the administration of legal rules which allow the state to develop and exercise their taxing powers. Regarding the accounting law, this concept would be to consist of a set of rules governing the documentation of business activity and its results, expressed in monetary terms. Sort accounting, keeping technique, meaning of accounting entry or document annotation and (traditionally book) in which those manifest.

  • Pre-bankruptcy situations and Creditor's: From the debtor's point of view, we research solutions to overcome the crisis and propose a rapid decision, extrajudicial or judicial procedures, such as pre-insolvency or bankruptcy. We advise on the restructuring and sale of assets and debt negotiation with creditors. From the creditor's point of view, our team designs collection strategies and credit recovery. Advise and take care of the execution of collateral or financial, including the execution of shares. We negotiate with the receivers to maximize the return of credit and advise on the purchase of assets of insolvent companies or pre-bankruptcy.
  • Corporate restructuring and debt refinancing: Consulting in corporate finance transactions and refinancing. Negotiating debt with private investors and private investors.
  • Responsibility of Managers, Directors and Executives: We analyze the potential liabilities (commercial, tax, labor and criminal) of the Directors, Managers, Board of Directors and Executives of companies in solvents or close to it and especially the responsibilities arising Creditors Contest.
  • Swaps and seating: Survey specialized in underwriting and hiring Preferred Shares, swaps and other risky financial products. This service of defense against negative banking practices to which they have to face both companies and individuals on numerous occasions. We will review your case if feasible studying a possible subscription invalidity on these products and the corresponding compensation.
  • Tax and Accounting Consultancy:
    • Official Books and Presentation Management Accounts
    •  Corporate Tax
    • VAT
    •  PIT
    • Rent Taxation
    • Non-Resident Taxation
    •  Administrative and corporate management
    • Debt Collection
    • Finance Audits

When it comes to tax, management applies its laws. In SF Lawyers will find the solution best suited to solve the most common problems with the tax and tax laws.